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Bionic arm Synergy Prosthetics

Synergy Uses Top Advancements in Technology For Prosthetics

Synergy Prosthetics prides itself in the use of the latest technology in order to achieving positive patient outcomes with every patient we have the pleasure of working with. We believe a progressive approach, attention to detail  in prosthetics is critical when it comes too assisting patients and the care they receive.

Prosthetics have Energetically progressed in the last few years, with many patients choosing highly functioning technologically advanced limbs as follows.

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Wooden 'Anglesey' artificial right leg prosthetic

A Short History of Prosthetics

A short history of the prosthetics devices that have helped us enrich peoples lives. Well designed prosthetics deliver both functionality and are cosmetically pleasing, but it also serves to complete the amputee’s sense of wholeness. A prosthesis provides mobility as

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Synergy Patient by his custom car

Life with Below the Knee Prosthetic

Lower limb prosthetics for amputees open up a new world to those that wear them. A high-quality prosthesis can provide functionality, maneuverability, and, most of all, hope. The post-amputation process comes with a lot of emotional and physical stress, and

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