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As the consumer, the process is as easy as contacting our customer service department directly at:

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A Synergy customer service representative will obtain basic information from you and explain our process and service offerings.

Therapeutic shoes are designed to create a protective barrier against injury while providing comfort, stability, and support to improve gait and mobility. The shoes are specially designed to accommodate inserts and include extra padding to decrease the risk for skin irritation and breakdown of foot tissue. Individuals diagnosed with diabetes, particularly those with other conditions of the foot, are more susceptible to DFUs and an ulceration can form and progress in a very short period of time. Rapid tissue deterioration and a slow healing process further complicates treatment once a DFU forms. Therefore, employing measures to avoid skin breakdown and injury are imperative in maintaining foot health for individuals with diabetes. Well fit, comfortable footwear with molded/custom shoe inserts serve as a protective barrier and are considered a mainstay in reducing the incidence of DFUs.1

Through the Synergy Therapeutic Shoe Program, consumers receive high-quality, well-fit therapeutic shoes and other prescribed orthotic products to create a personalized fit. Our products serve to reduce the potential for skin ulcerations while promoting overall foot health and an active lifestyle.
Diabetic foot

Research indicates that wearing “inappropriate footwear is the most common cause of foot trauma in Western Countries.” Add a diagnosis of diabetes, which often accompanies foot neuropathy and decreased sensation in the feet, and one’s chance of developing a diabetic foot ulcer grows considerably.

As statistics state, 34% of diabetic individuals develop a diabetes-related foot ulcer (DFU) during their lifetime.

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Diabetic fitting

Synergy, through our PedWell Program, provides the product and services required to effectively address the root causes of DFUs. This Program provides the tools to assist our customers in preventing a few of the all too common complications of diabetes. Our Qualified Fitters assess, fit, and educate our direct consumers and work with our partners to promote healthy feet. Through proactive programs introduced through our partnership relationships with payors and clinical healthcare entities, Synergy promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for associated members/patients and reduces the Payors’ cost of treating DFUs in their population diagnosed with Diabetes.

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