What is a Fracture Orthosis?

A fracture orthosis (also called a fracture brace) is a supportive device fitted to the body to protect and support a fractured bone. The goal of a fracture orthosis is to stabilize the fracture and allow early mobilization, which helps the healing process.

A fracture orthosis can either be applied two weeks after injury, replacing a cast, or can be used immediately after the fracture has occurred.

When are fracture orthosis used?

A fracture orthosis stabilizes but does not completely immobilize, therefore they are appropriate for some but not all fractures. Fracture orthoses are only used in fractures with minimal displacement, shortening or angulation. For open fractures (that have pierced the skin) or grossly displaced fractures, orthoses are generally not appropriate straight after injury. They may be used a few weeks after injury once surgery or full casting has occurred. Fracture orthoses are most often used in fractures of the humerus (upper arm bone), distal radius/ulna (wrist bones), metacarpals (hand bones), fibula/tibia (lower leg and ankle bones) and metatarsals (foot bones).


How do Fracture Orthosis Help the Healing Process?

A key feature of a fracture orthosis is firm compression of the surrounding muscle and soft tissues, which stabilizes the fractured bones. The orthosis is adjustable allowing it to be applied firmly as swelling subsides, as well as removable for showering if appropriate. A fracture orthosis is usually slimline and allows for better movement of joints that don’t require immobilization (for example, allowing the fingers and thumb to move freely when treating a wrist fracture). This allows early introduction of functional activity to the entire limb. Active contraction of the muscles around the fracture allows controlled micro-movement to take place and blood flow and mineral deposition to increase at the fracture site. These factors appear to stimulate osteogenesis (the laying down of new bone cells to heal the fracture), providing a desirable environment to encourage healing.

Important Notes About Your Fracture Orthosis.

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