Guidelines for
Ankle Foot Orothosis


Patient care guidelines for ankle foot orthosis and knee ankle foot orthosis

Starting Out

Gradually increase your time of use with your new orthosis. In the beginning wear it for a short period of time (1 to 1.5 hours) and take it off. Remove your sock and look for redness that you may not feel. Be sure to check the bottom of your foot as well. Re-apply the orthosis and wear it for a longer time and inspect the skin again.

Always wear the same style shoe with your orthosis. Your orthosis was designed to accommodate a particular type of shoe. Always wear the same style shoe with the same heel height that you were originally fit with for your orthosis.

Be sure your shoes are secure and do not allow your orthosis to slide around. Do not wear slippers or sandals with your orthosis.

Wear Socks!

Always wear a clean sock or stockings. Socks protect the skin from excess rubbing which can lead to irritation and skin breakdown. Socks also help aid in the reduction of excess perspiration.

Proper Fit

Your orthosis is custom fit to your body dimensions. It is important to maintain a constant “fit” with your orthosis. It should feel similar to constant pressure on the skin. It may feel a little unusual at first, but eventually your orthosis will feel more natural and you will probably not even notice it is on.

In maintaining a proper “fit,” it is important to maintain a constant weight. Any weight gain or loss may cause an improper fit. If this occurs, see your orthotist. Children should be monitored closely due to growth spurts.



When you are wearing your orthosis full time, be sure to check your foot/feet each day. It is important to regularly inspect your skin for any changes in skin color or any signs of irritation. This is especially for diabetics who may experience lessened skin sensation. Call your orthotist immediately if you notice persistent redness. Do not let it turn into a blister.


Proper hygiene of both you and your orthosis is imperative. Wash any skin covered by your orthosis daily with soap and water. To clean your orthosis, simply wash with a damp cloth. Use soap only as needed. Dry well before re-applying.

It is VERY important to keep any follow-up appointments made by your orthotist.  We are here to help you and make your experience with Synergy as pleasant as possible.

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