What to Expect

Synergy operates on a highly unique mobile platform.  We understand the ever-changing healthcare requirements and have implemented state of the art technologies and proprietary workflow which enables us to efficiently expedite your Orthotic process and overall experience.

An orthopedic brace or orthosis is a device used to control, guide, limit, and/or immobilize an extremity (arm or leg), joint, or body segment to facilitate rehabilitation, control pain, and promote healing.  To receive a brace from Synergy you must have a prescription from your treating physician.

Synergy’s trained mobile staff has strong relationships in place with thousands of referring physicians who work directly with their staff to expedite your process through our HIPAA compliant electronic workspace.  This ensures a timely and pleasant experience for our patients.

Bracing can be a confusing process for patients. That’s why Synergy makes it as easy and painless as possible.  We are highly dedicated to our patients, and we offer a unique level of care in the O & P industry that is not found anywhere else.  Our mobile platform takes the care to you.  Our talented staff of Peer Visitors, Directors of Patient Care, and Practitioners pride themselves on a level of customer service that will exceed all of your traditional “doctor’s office” expectations.

Receiving Your Custom Orthosis

For the head, neck, back, arms, and legs: To create your custom brace, Synergy will need a mold of the affected body part.  This can be as easy as getting a set of measurements or as complicated as needing a cast.  In most cases, our practitioners will use fiberglass to mold the area of your body that requires bracing.  It will take approximately five minutes for the casting material to dry, at which time the practitioner will remove the cast.  We then use this cast to create a mold for your custom brace.


For the feet: In some cases, it is necessary to mold the feet, especially if you are receiving foot orthotics.  This is a simple process in which our practitioner will place your feet into a soft moldable foam.  The type of molding required varies based upon the complexity of the brace and if it is custom or non-custom.  When you arrive for your initial visit, the practitioner will inform you of what molding process is required and guide you through how they will be molding you.

Most of our devices are custom made by hand, a craftsmanship that takes a bit of time.  Synergy does our best to prepare custom devices within two weeks of your initial visit.  When you come in to receive your orthosis, your practitioner will have you “try it out” by doing a variety of activities in our office.  We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure it fits perfectly and is comfortable for you.  With all custom bracing, follow up visits are required to ensure proper fit and function. 

Some braces function inside of a shoe.  While your brace is customized and trimmed to the exact size and shape of your foot, it takes up extra room in your shoe, which means you will need a new pair of shoes.


Receiving On or Off-the-shelf Orthosis

If your doctor prescribed a non-custom device or off-the-shelf orthosis, your wait can be much shorter.  Our walk-in clinic can fill your prescription without an appointment.  We carry a large inventory of prefabricated devices so you can receive your brace the day of your initial visit.  You can also purchase any of these devices on our online store. If we do not have a prescribed non-custom brace in stock, we can order it for you.  Delivery may take up to two weeks.  If you would like to receive your brace sooner than that, we can arrange for expedited shipping at an additional charge. All braces come with a 90-day adjustment warranty, which includes any necessary adjustments or replacement due to defect.

Orthoses are considered one-time-use products; once the device leaves our office it is non-returnable unless there is a manufacturer defect.  If the brace is defective, we will exchange it for the same product.  Most braces are covered by insurance with some exceptions.  One of our team will inform you of your financial responsibility before you see the orthotist.

Types Of Orthotic Bracing

We offer a wide range of orthoses for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, neck, back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot. 

For details, see Orthotic Services.

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