AFO Care


Care And Use Of Your AFO

Your AFO can be donned in either of the following ways:

  • Put your orthosis on first, followed by your shoe.
  • Slide your orthosis in your shoe first and then slip your foot into your shoe.

Never wear your orthosis without a shoe; you could slip and fall!

  • A sock or some stockinette should be worn underneath your orthosis. Make sure it has no wrinkle and comes up a little higher on your leg than the top of your orthosis. The sock or stockinette will make it easier for you to don and doff your orthosis and should also help with perspiration.
  • If you experience a great deal of perspiration, try using some talcum powder on your leg before putting on your sock and orthosis.


Wear only the heel height for which your orthosis was made

  • One of the nicest features of this orthosis is that you can wear different shoes with it, but the heel height must stay the same.
  • Heel height was discussed and decided upon when you were measured and it is very important to wear shoes with the same heel height. Attempting to change your heel height now that your orthosis is made could result in strain to your knees, your back and to the orthosis itself. Slippers, sandals and loafers do not work well with your orthosis because they offer little support. Choose footwear that ties and gives good support.
  • Your skin may become red under some of the pressure areas of your orthosis.  This is nothing to worry about if the redness disappears shortly after you remove your orthosis.  The red places should clear up as your tolerance to the orthosis increases.
  • Examine your leg every day.
  • If your skin is sore and irritated or if redness persists long after removing the orthosis, call for adjustment without delay.

It is VERY important to keep any follow-up appointments made by your orthotist.  We are here to help you and make your experience with Synergy as pleasant as possible.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, call Synergy at (866)-203-9810.  We look forward to working with you!