How do I schedule an appointment?

As the consumer, the process is as easy as contacting our customer service department directly at: 

(866) 340-6647.

A Synergy customer service representative will obtain basic information from you and explain our process and service offerings.


Synergy works directly with individual consumers as well as physicians and health plans. You may reach out to us directly or through your treating physician, podiatrist, case manager or other health care specialist. Obtaining therapeutic shoes and orthotic inserts does require a prescription; however, Synergy will work on your behalf to verify your insurance coverage, obtain the paperwork from your treating physician, schedule your appointments, and manage the resulting claims/billing process.

Synergy PedWell Service Area

Synergy Service Locations

The Synergy PedWell Program offers service area across the U.S. in various provider offices as well as remote service in the convenience of your own home or office. Location type may vary by market. When scheduling your initial visit, Synergy will provide you with a list of their office sites nearest to your location, as well as remote options. Our team will then work with you to set up your appointment at a convenient location and time.

As the industry continues to move to value-based care, Synergy is well-positioned to work with health plans, health systems, and other partner entities to implement preventive, value-based programs that focus on reducing complications and hospital admissions for specific conditions. Synergy’s proprietary operating platform affords detailed reporting to support innovative, risk-based models and creates efficiency and rapid scaling. In addition, the flexibility of our care module allows Synergy to support our partners specific quality initiatives by documenting and reporting on key metrics.

Therapeutic Shoe Selection

Synergy offers a wide variety of shoe styles for men and women, including casual, athletic, and dress style shoe models. A catalog of our offerings will be provided at your appointment.

What should I expect during the appointments?

Female chiropodist, attending elder in a clinic and performing treatments podiatric, for the realization of insole for feet

The complete Synergy PedWell Program service consists of two separate visits with a Synergy Qualified Fitter.

During the initial visit, the Fitter provides the following services:

  • Completes pre-assessment documentation and consent paperwork with consumer
  • Conducts a physical assessment
  • Performs visual inspection of both feet
  • Performs temperature reading of both feet
  • Conducts tactile sensory assessment of both feet
  • Documents and reports any pertinent findings to your treating physician
  • Obtains measurements for therapeutic shoes
  • Performs 3D scan of feet and/or heat mold to create shoe inserts
  • Provides catalog representing therapeutic shoe offerings and assists individual in selecting an appropriate shoe model
  • Discusses related preventative education and reiterates the next steps, to set delivery expectations, and informs individual of reorder timeline per individual’s insurance plan
  • Places order for shoes and inserts

Once the insert fabrication is complete, Synergy will reach out to the consumer to schedule the delivery appointment. 

During the second visit with the Qualified Fitter, the following occurs:

  • Confirms the shoe and insert fit properly
  • Consumer accepts the product and Synergy completes the paperwork indicating delivery is complete
  • Synergy submits claim to payor for payment of service following consumer’s acceptance of the complete order

As directed by eligibility requirements of each payor, Synergy will reach out to the consumer to schedule an appointment when the individual is eligible for replacement shoes and inserts. The typical eligibility cycle is one year.

Synergy appreciates the opportunity to serve you, and we are committed to the delivery of high-quality products and services. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we strive to provide an excellent, overall experience for our consumers. Our friendly customer service staff is available during 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM PST to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and/or services, or to schedule a visit to begin the process towards obtaining your therapeutic shoes and inserts.

To learn more about our PedWell Program or start the process to schedule a visit, please contact us at (866) 203-9810, extension 5.

We look forward to serving you!

The Synergy Team

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