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Synergy is pleased to announce our new pregnancy wellness support offering, MomWell, created to provide our partner health care providers with a pre-packaged pregnancy care kit that contains high-quality, FDA approved medical devices and supplies that support your pregnant patients throughout the course of their pregnancy and postpartum period.

The MomWell Care Kit includes medically appropriate, preventive, therapeutic, and functional devices/equipment assembled into a single care kit for the convenience of your clinical team and patients.  The kit can be obtained by completing the Synergy MomWell Order Form which incorporates the patient information AND the physician order for your busy office staff to easily process. Serving as a one-stop solution to providing this comprehensive pregnancy care kit to the expecting moms in your care, Synergy will verify insurance eligibility and coverage, manage the order/fulfillment process, distribute the equipment, and manage the claims process.

By providing your expectant Moms with these care items that address the standard symptoms of pregnancy, such as back and abdominal pain and weakness and swelling of the legs, you will promote a greater feeling of wellness and a more positive pregnancy and postpartum experience for the mother and newborn infant.

In addition to addressing the aches and pains related to pregnancy, the MomWell kit includes an effective, intermittent pneumatic compression device (IPCD) that serves as a preventive measure to avoid the development of venous thrombosis (VTE), specifically deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and/or pulmonary embolisms (PEs).  By utilizing this effective device, to provide thromboprophylaxis to patients at risk of VTE, the likelihood of DVT, PEs, and related hospitalizations may be avoided.

The IPCD product was recently added to the MomWell Program in response to recent studies that indicate pregnant women are at significant risk of this blood clotting complication. This research has guided Synergy in its development of this evidence-based program component to promote proper blood circulation in the lower extremities to avoid stasis of the blood and related inflammation and swelling.

Recent studies found “pregnancy increases the risks of DVT fivefold compared to nonpregnancy, with the risk being even greater postpartum. DVT can be life-threatening in pregnancy, as pulmonary embolism is the most common cause of maternal death in developed countries. Comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes magnify the existing risk.”
Motif Breast Pump 2

Breast Pump

Moms can enjoy easy, on-the-go pumping with this compact breast pump. The effective pumping action and light weight, of less than a pound, makes this pump a convenient and discreet choice ideal for the active mom.

MomWell SCD on patient sitting outside

Sequential Compression Device

This ICPD device is FDA cleared, battery operated, lightweight, and compact. The size and portability of the models allow for easy ambulation and promotes usage compliance, thereby enhancing efficacy in mitigating VTE.

MomWell Matriarch Back Brace

Pregnancy Back Brace

Taking advantage of lower back support is one of the most effective ways to alleviate daily aches and pains relative to the added stress and tension expecting mothers experience in their lower back. Our support brace offers ease of use in an inconspicuous lightweight lumbar brace.

Belly Band

Pregnancy Belly and Back Support Band

The pregnancy support bands redistribute weight to relieve pregnancy-related pressure from the abdomen, hips, and lower back to reinforce the body's core and provide comfort during everyday activities.
*Two belts may be used to address a diagnosis of Diastasis Recti.

Compression Socks Motif 2

Compression Socks

Compression socks improve blood flow in the lower legs ensuring healthy circulation. This is relevant during pregnancy as the added weight of the growing fetus, within the pelvis, increases pressure on the vessels that may create diminished blood flow and circulation in lower extremities resulting in lower extremity edema and potentially varicose veins.

3in1 for web & materials (1)

3-in-1 Postpartum Compression Garment

Our postpartum garment uses 3 different compression band sizes which are added 1 by 1 as you progress through your postpartum journey. Each band focuses on a different part of your body core to help shrink your abdomen and womb back to pre-pregnancy size while supporting organ realignment back to the pre-pregnancy state.

*The MomWell Pregnancy Care Kit is covered by most insurance plans. Synergy provides insurance eligibility verification services prior to fulfilling all orders.

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