Apply to participate in Synergy's National Network for DME/DVT supplies and services

Synergy is currently recruiting qualified health care professionals such as DME and DVT Independent Sales Representatives and Distributors to participate our National Provider Network. We have expanded our existing Provider Network to offer coverage across the U.S. to serve a national customer base in need of DME and DVT products and services.

To begin the application process, please download and complete the Synergy PedWell Provider Network Application Form or fill out the webform on this site. Once completed, please return the application to Synergy via email (, with a copy of the requested documentation. Upon review, we will contact you to schedule an interview and obtain the additional information to complete the application process.

Participation in the Synergy DME/DVT Provider Network creates an affiliation between you and an innovative DME/POS provider entity with a unique approach in preventive care that offers our Participating Providers the opportunity to expand participation to other preventive programs offered by Synergy. Since Synergy’s business model is a payor-centric model built to accommodate and manage value-based programs, Synergy is well positioned to continue its expansion plans both geographically and through the introduction of performance-driven programs that include proactive outreach to customers associated with Synergy health plan and health system clients. Synergy’s unique approach and experienced management team is poised to implement effective programs that will deliver DME/DVT Network Providers the ability to participate in payer Networks  while allowing diversification in serving customers under other innovative, preventive programs offered by Synergy. For more information about the PedWell Program, please contact us at tel:(866)-340.6647

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