Amputee of the Month Awareness Program

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Hello Amputees!

This is YOUR CHANCE to be RECOGNIZED and FEATURED on the Synergy website and Facebook page as the amputee of the month who has “TAKEN ACTION” and contributed in a conversation to help build awareness and educate other amputees as well as continuum of care providers.

Synergy is starting a movement on our FaceBook page to continually raise awareness for amputees, specifically, the state of their care within the current healthcare landscape. We are inviting ALL amputees (whether you are Synergy patients or not) to interact and contribute with your stories and experiences so we can better understand the challenges and pitfalls within the current healthcare system and share these stories across a platform that inspires and educates amputees. This effort will serve as a forum to promote better care and initiate impactful new practices that address some of the historically challenging obstacles within the Prosthetic and Orthotic industry.

The challenges and experiences shared and discussed will include insurance provider issues, healthcare provider issues, socioeconomic related issues, care facility issues, motivational issues, emotional related issues and any other topic amputees want to share and learn more about. The focus is too motivate and inspire amputees to take part in innovating the care systems that are responsible for taking care of them and bring about “BEST PRACTICE CHANGES” that address these issues.

To enter the “TAKE ACTION” Email Us and we will feature you on our site or like and comment on this post and you are automatically entered into the challenge.

If you have not been here before, welcome to our page! I hope you will stick around and like and comment on our posts and spread the word about Synergy Prosthetics. I personally watch for all of your comments… and, yes, I pick the winners.

Message us using the WHATSAPP button and by typing “YES” – or by using this link and typing “YES”

The winner of the July “AMPUTEE OF THE MONTH” will be held LIVE on the Synergy FaceBook page July 30th at 5:00 PM PST. If you find our page worthy you may want to tell your friends about us

Good Luck to all, we can’t wait to hear what you would like to CHANGE and HELP FIX with Prosthetic Care today!

P.S. – This content is open to anyone.

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