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Synergy Prosthetics is an ABC/BOC fully certified and accredited DME/POS provider, with over 35 years experience servicing California from San Diego to Sacramento.

With over 70 statewide payer contracts there are very few patient lives Synergy cannot participate in servicing.

Our certified fitter program is managed by a 30+ year Certified Orthotist Veteran who has developed and tailored this program to fit the needs of both our referring physician partners and the patients we co-treat.

Synergy is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and service available. We pride ourselves in knowing that our efforts directly contribute towards our patients recovery and overall quality of health.


Plasma flow   DVT Product

Plasma Flow

PlasmaFlow helps prevent the onset of DVT with a coinvenient home therapy. It offers best-in-class battery life, LCD displays to monitor pressure and complete portability—no tubes, cords or hoses.

Mana flow DVT Products

Mana Flow

Portable vascular therapy device for DVT, lymphedema, and chronic venous insufficiency prevention. Helps reduce post-operative pain, swelling and wound healing time.

Post-Operative Bracing

Kahuna Brace

Kahuna Brace

Low profile shoulder brace with multiple abduction angles, used for shoulder instability, SLAP repairs, rotator cuff repairs.

Mini Kahuna Brace

Mini Kahuna Brace

Iceless cold compression, reduce pain and swelling.

Dme prods 0009 tailback


Universal spinal orthosis, provides rigid support for spinal surgeries and spinal injuries.

Rom Elite

ManaEZ Rom Elite

Post-operative fixation, knee instability, adjustable knee brace with malleable bar system for a custom fitting.

Collar Cervical Brace

ManaEZ Collar 80

Provide support after cervical surgeries, 9 adjustment settings.

Bionic Sling Brace

Bionic Sling

Universal shoulder sling with a continuous pneumatic passive machine, to be worn to promote abduction movement with internal and external rotation, to promote small movements after shoulder repairs.

Cryo-Orthotic Options

Hip Ice universal, hip range of motion orthosis

ManaEZ Hip Ice

Hip ROM orthosis, two removable ice packs for cold compression to help reduce pain and swelling.

Knee ROM Onrthosis

ManaEZ ROM Ice

Knee ROM orthosis with removable ice packs, compression bulb that fills with air to reduce pain and swelling.

Electrical Stimulation

Manaflexx electrical stimulation

ManaFlexx 2

Portable Electric Stimulator with TENS and NMES, prevents muscle atrophy; temporarily relief of pain.

Mobility Aides

Spring crutch

ManaEZ Spring Crutch

Aluminum crutch with absorbing spring to reduce impact and help with patient’s mobility for individuals between 4’6” and 6’6".

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