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Get all the pregnancy and postpartum care you deserve with the FDA approved MomWell preventative care pregnancy kit by Synergy. Enjoy relief from the most common pregnancy symptoms including back pain, abdominal pain, inflammation, and swelling. Simplify the postpartum process with the included breast pump, support band, and compression garment.

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Sequential Compression Device
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Compression Socks
Belly Band
Pregnancy Belly and Back Support Band
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Pregnancy Back Brace
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3-in-1 Postpartum Compression Garment
Breast Pump
Breast Pump

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Pregnancy Care Support

Why are the Pregnancy Care Kit products and equipment necessary?

Synergy’s Pregnancy Wellness Pack was developed to assist expecting mothers with a selection of FDA approved preventative care products and devices intended to relieve common aches and pains throughout the course of an entire pregnancy including the postpartum recovery period.

The Synergy Pregnancy Wellness Pack is extremely effective in helping to ease the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, including back pain, abdominal pain, inflammation and swelling, while reducing the likelihood of serious blood clotting complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolisms (PEs).


While our products effectively address and help alleviate the standard uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy, to promote a greater feeling of wellness, the most important component of this Wellness Pack is the compression device/products. These products serve to mitigate the development of venous blood clots (VTE) in the lower extremities that may result in more serious complications requiring a hospital admission. Recent studies indicate that pregnant women are at significant risk of this blood clotting complication. This research has guided Synergy in its development of this evidenced-based program to promote proper blood circulation in the lower extremities to avoid stasis of the blood and related inflammation and swelling.

Prior to using any devices or products during your pregnancy it is always recommended that you first consult with your OBGYN or Primary Care provider.

Recent studies found “pregnancy increases the risks of DVT fivefold compared to nonpregnancy, with the risk being even greater postpartum. DVT can be life-threatening in pregnancy, as pulmonary embolism is the most common cause of maternal death in developed countries. Comorbidities such as obesity and diabetes magnify the existing risk.”1

  1. Office of the Surgeon General (US); National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (US). The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism. Rockville (MD): Office of the Surgeon General (US); 2008. SECTION I: Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism as Major Public Health Problems. Available from:

MomWell Pregnancy Wellness Support Pack consists of the following items:

MomWell SCD on patient sitting outside


This IPCD device is an FDA cleared, battery operated unit intended for use in the home and clinical
setting. The size and portability of the model allows for easy ambulation and promotes usage
compliance, thereby enhancing efficacy in mitigating the development of venous thromboemblism (VTE).
By simulating muscle contractions, blood circulation is enhanced and swelling reduced.

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Compression socks improve blood flow in the lower legs ensuring healthy circulation. This is relevant
during pregnancy as the added weight of the growing fetus, within the pelvis, increases pressure on
vessels that may diminish blood flow and circulation in lower extremities resulting in leg edema and
potentially, varicose veins.

Belly Band


Pregnancy support bands were designed by medical professionals for women who want to stay active,
comfortable, and supported during pregnancy. These medical devices work by relieving pregnancy-related
pressure from the abdomen, hips, and lower back to reinforce the body’s core. The band’s simple
redistribution of weight provides incredible relief and comfort during everyday activities. Recommended
for use from months three to nine during pregnancy.

MomWell Matriarch Back Brace


A majority of expectant mothers experience lower back pain. Taking advantage of lower back support is
one of the most effective ways to alleviate daily aches and pains related to the added stress and tension
expectant mothers experience in the lumbar region of their back.

3in1 for web & materials (1)


Our postpartum garment uses 3 different compression band sizes which are added 1 by 1 as you
progress through your postpartum journey. Each band focuses on a different part of your body core to
help shrink your abdomen and womb back to pre-pregnancy size while supporting organ realignment
back to the pre-pregnancy state.

Breast Pump


Moms can enjoy easy, on-the-go pumping with this compact breast pump. The effective pumping action
and light weight, of less than a pound, makes this pump a convenient and discreet choice ideal for the
active mom.
*Other models available upon request.

Common Pregnancy Pains

Experiencing some level of pain and discomfort during pregnancy is expected. A mother’s physical state goes through several changes both during her pregnancy as well as during her recovery. Back pain, swelling, circulation issues can all contribute to daily discomfort.

Abdominal & Low Back Pain

As your baby grows, your musculoskeletal, circulatory, and reproductive systems are changing and experiencing stress due to the added weight you are now carrying. Common aches and pains can range from abdominal pain, leg pain, ligament pain, back pain and even pelvic pain. False contraction is also common during pregnancy. What is clear is that your abdominal area is growing, putting tremendous strain on your back. It is for this reason that some type of back support is highly recommended to alleviate this tension.

Inflammation & Edema

Most of the inflammation and edema that occur during pregnancy is in the lower extremities (legs and feet). Maintaining proper circulation is critical and can also be a preventative measure to guard against potential serious health related issues such as DVT and PE’s. The use of compression garments to assist with proper circulation during pregnancy will help reduce inflammation and edema.


DVT, PE’s, and other blood clotting issues increase dramatically during pregnancy. The CDC and the National Blood Clot Alliance have reported a 3 to 5 times increase of developing a blood clot during pregnancy and this number can spike up to 20 times more likely to occur for the first 90 days post pregnancy.

Not All Pumps Are Equal

Breast pumping can be uncomfortable and difficult if you do not acquire a pump that fits well. Your physician will certainly review the medical challenges that can occur related to breast pumping and prescribe a treatment plan should you experience any of these more serious issues. For most women, acquiring a breast pump that is comfortable and fits well should suffice.

Varicose Veins

Wearing compression garments, socks and/or stockings at the start of your pregnancy can help prevent Varicose Veins. This condition occurs due to the restricted circulation you may experience during pregnancy. Although these distended veins are mostly a cosmetic issue, they can be painful and cause swelling in addition to being unsightly.

Stretch Marks

Scar tissue from the rapid growth of your abdominal area is what causes stretch marks. These marks can appear throughout your midsection from your breast area down through your thighs. Utilizing the Pregnancy Support Band will assist in getting rid of these undesirable lines and marks.

Mother's Do you qualify for the Pregnancy Care Kit?

Many private insurance plans cover the products in this package. To see if you qualify, just follow these simple steps:

Fill Out the Online Questionnaire

By answering the questions in our questionnaire, we can help you determine if your insurance will cover items in the Pregnancy Care Kit. Once completed, we will get back to you within 48 hours.

We Call Your Physician

Once your insurance is approved, we will contact your physician to determine medical necessity and obtain a written physician order.

Your Care Kit Arrives

Upon receipt of the written order from your physician, your Pregnancy Care Kit is shipped directly to your residence or physicians office. Complete instructions including links to our online videos are included in your package.


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