Covid-19’s affect on Amputees and Prosthetics

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The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected people’s access to the medical care they need. Many no longer feel safe entering public facilities or are unable to find availability with new regulations and patient overload. COVID-19 has led to an uptick in amputations and thus an increased need of prosthetics.” Studies have shown there to be a major increase in amputations occurring during surgery because patients are unable to receive care or hesitant to seek the care they need before the problem escalates. On top of that, complications while in treatment for Covid-19 such as blood clotting and infections is another contributor to the increase in amputations. 

Statement from the Radiological Society of North America 

  • Arterial thrombosis—life-threatening blood clots in the arteries of the legs—is associated with COVID-19.
  • Blood clots in the legs of COVID-19 patients were significantly larger and of greater frequency than those found in controls.
  • Arterial thrombosis associated with COVID-19 was characterized by strikingly increased rates of amputation and death.


In a statement released by the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics, it was noted  that “Over 1 billion people need at least one form of assistive technology now and this is expected to rise to 2 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, over 90% do not have access to the assistive technology they require”. At Synergy, we aim to shrink that 90% and will do whatever it takes to improve your quality of life. In order to do that, we offer a mobile prosthetics and orthotics company that comes to you so you have access to the care you need in the safety of your own home. Each individual patient will receive personal care that fits their unique needs. We will take you step by step through this unfamiliar process to answer all questions and make sure you receive the best patient care available.


Staying healthy and active is important for amputees is especially important during this time. While regulations have caused exercise facilities to close and limited access to outdoor activities, there are great at home workouts you can do to continue to increase your muscle strength, endurance, and balance. Take a look at the link below to keep your progress up.


With the highly contagious nature of Covid-19, it is important to continually disinfect all frequently touched surfaces. Much like hands, prosthetic hands are an important surface to frequently clean to slow the spread and decrease your chances of being infected. Not all prosthetics receive the same cleaning care, here are a few ways to disinfect various types of prosthetics that are safe for the user and prosthetic material. 

Conventional Body Powered Systems

Sanitizing this type of prosthetic hand could not be easier. Feel free to use soap and water like normal due to its water studier material. Make sure to dry completely to avoid rust and soap residue.


Have caution when disinfecting and cleaning these devices. Gentle and careful cleaning with a damp towel and alcohol spray to avoid water damaging battery ports and wires. 

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