Nu-Form Universal Back Brace 0627


Ovation’s patented Nu-Form™ Universal Back Brace L0627/L0642, is manufactured using Fusion-Form technology, allowing us to incorporate innovations that would not otherwise be possible using the conventional cut and sew method. The posterior panel is completely breathable and the Nu-FormTM is the first brace to have a uniquely effective pressure relief zone over the spinous process. Provides coverage, extending from L-1 to below L-5 vertebra. 

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Key Features
●    Completely breathable over the spinous process
●    Pressure relief zone automatically adjusts to provide relief at surgical sites
●    Extremely thin and low-profile, fits comfortably under clothing
●    Designed for both post-op and pain relief
●    Universally sized and easily adjustable allowing for quick clinical application
●    Incredibly durable, backed by a 5-year warranty 
●    Includes an anterior panel.
●    Provides coverage, extending from L-1 to below L-5 vertebra.

●    Lumbar spinal post-op care
●    Chronic lower back pain
●    Lumbar sprains and strains
●    Spondylolisthesis
●    Osteoporosis
●    Fracture management
●    Post-operative support
●    Non-specific low back pain

●    Waist Circumference 30″-45″ (Up to 65″ with Universal Extension Panel)


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