Square Toe Post-Op Shoe


The Ovation Square Toe Post-Op Shoe is extremely durable and allows for customizations, such as in the case of a diabetic patient. Designed to fit both men and women.

Made for use with Ovations Pressure Relief Pad for wound care patients.

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Key Features
● Extended rocker sole is both rigid and durable
●    High ankle strap to allow for proper fit
●    Removable insole accommodates for additional dressings and swelling
●    Unisex (fits both men and women)

●    Broken Toes
●    Metatarsal fractures
●    Foot and ankle sprains

Sizing – Shoe Size
●    X-Small (Men 3-5, Women 4-6)
●    Small (Men 5.5-7, Women 6.5-8)
●    Medium (Men 7.5-9, Women 8.5-10)
●    Large (Men 9.5-12, Women 10.5-13)
●    X-Large (Men 12.5+, Women 13.5+)


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