Gen 2 Tall Walker


Ovation’s patented Gen 2® Walking Boot has been validated as the most advanced double upright walker on the market by healthcare professionals worldwide. Designed with patients in mind, our Gen 2® eliminates all of the issues associated with old style walking boots. Lightyears ahead of its competition, the Gen 2® is the best option for your patients.

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Key Features
●    Lightest Walker on the Market: The Gen 2 Walker is incredibly light weight, coming in a full half pound lighter than the nearest competitor.
●    Low Profile: The lowest profile walker available. Eliminates the need for shoe levelers.
●    Intuitive Sole: Our intuitive sole will now allow your patients to track naturally with their very own gait pattern. All other walkers force patients to ambulate unnaturally because of the rigid 90-degree edges on the sole.
●    Revolutionary Shock Absorption: Our shock pod feature results in 50% less energy being transferred to the injured limb upon each heel strike.
●    Sure-Grip: Resting surface provides stability and prevents the limb from slipping when elevated.

●    Soft Tissue Injuries
●    Grade 2 and 3 Sprains-Stable fractures
●    Post-Operative use
●    Trauma and Rehab

Sizing – Shoe Size
●    X-Small (Men 2-4, Women 3.5-5.5)
●    Small (Men 4.5-7, Women 6-8)
●    Medium (Men 7.5-10.5, Women 8.5-11.5)
●    Large (Men 10.5-12.5, Women 11.5-13.5)
●    X-Large (Men 12.5+, Women 13.5+)


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