Hybrid Night Splint


Traditionally, orthopedic bracing companies have provided only two night splint options for treating plantar fasciitis and heel pain. These offerings have led to frustrated doctors, non-compliant patients, and huge gaps in recovery outcomes. Ovation’s patented Hybrid Night Splint offers more comfort than a dorsal splint and better functionality than a posterior, making it the best of both worlds.

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Key Features
●    Our Hybrid Night Splint allows patients with severe heel pain to start at less than 90-degrees.
●    Articulating hinge design lets patients adjust and graduate the level of stretch over time
●    Holds the foot securely in place without giving up comfort or mobility
●    Position (stretch) indicator window lets patients participate in their own rehab process
●    The Hybrid’s footbed is over 40% wider than a dorsal splint
●    Exceptionally well-padded with an embedded air bladder for superior support and comfort.

●    Plantar Fasciitis
●    Achilles Tendonitis
●    Heel Pain
●    Drop Foot
●    Post-Static Pain

Sizing – Shoe Size
● Small/Medium (Men 5-9, Women 6-10)
● Large/X-Large (Men 9.5-14, Women 10.5-15)


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